My CheeseGrater  V3

About the Site


So why a site dedicated to cheesegraters? I hear you ask. Well, there area number of reasons.


1. Back in early 2008 my wife and I seperated (Very amicable I might add) and she took the cheesegrater!!! Anyway, One night a week I used to go out for a drink with a couple of friends and on this occasion I suggested we go to a pub in Chichester so I could go into Sainsbury's to buy a cheesegrater. 

After the purchase we went for a drink and as the establishment wasnt very busy I started chatting to the barmaid. (not chatting up! Tut such dirty minds). I explained I had just bought a grater to which she was fascinated, or interested anyway. As the conversation progressed more people became involved and virtually the whole bar was talking about it!

I hadnt realised how popular this item was!! Even in those early days I was thinking about having a site for this wonderful utensil.


2. Ok so it might seem a bit "Monty Python" (Ask your dad)  type silly to have a grater site but in this day and age I feel a bit of  humour is needed as the world has so many serious problems. This site may a bit too stupid or bizarre for you in which case leave the site! Nobody forces anybody to visit us. 


3. Some time ago there was a site called disapproving rabbits which just had pictures of rabbits looking disapproving (Strangly enough) It has been taken over and is now renamed dissaproving bun Click here So having a site dedicated to the Cheesegrater 'Aint so daft!!


4. I also created this using my other site  www.PtarmiganWebsites.com which is an editor to build your own website. I use the cheesegrater site to help to show what Ptarmigan Websites can do and also help promote the editor.

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